About Catherine Duff

Bilingual Sales Representative/Agente Immobilière

Catherine entered her Real Estate career in 2005. At that time her main focus was raising her two young children. As a single mom, Catherine learned to juggle many things at one time and always ensured nothing was left uncompleted.

Catherine prides herself on ensuring that her clients are well educated in the real estate market where they wish to buy and sell.. She takes the time to review the entire process including the negotiating process and tactics often used to ensure her clients are happy with their end results. But most importantly, Catherine takes the time to listen to her clients and works diligently with them to find the perfect solution.

After having a great amount of hands on experience while her own house was being built, specifically in the construction and design phases, Catherine has gained invaluable knowledge and knows exactly what to look for to avoid any potential costly downfalls or issues. Attending many home inspections over the years has also given her extremely beneficial insight that she passes onto her clients.

Creating great relationships with Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Home Inspectors and Contractors has afforded Catherine the benefit of always surrounding herself with amazing professionals whom she can rely on when one of her clients may be in need of these services. Whether during the buying process or after her clients have moved in, Catherine is always available to assist and offer any guidance. Catherine has earned the respect from other fellow Realtors and clients alike with her work ethic, attention to detail and the loyalty she demonstrates to her clients.

In Catherine's view a successful Real Estate transaction is one where Buyers and Sellers find themselves very confident in their decisions and the end result is exactly what they were hoping to achieve. Catherine's clients, either current or past know she will always be there for them to answer questions, inquiries or concerns. Catherine doesn't just build a client base, she builds genuine relationships.